The day I fell in love with languages: Dr. Richter and field linguistics

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Dr. Richter, who first introduced me to Linguistics Dr. Richter, who first introduced me to Linguistics

Field linguistics … refers to the collection of primary linguistic data on the basic grammatical facts of a relatively little studied language in a relatively natural setting from ordinary speakers, and to the analysis and dissemination of such data.Pamela Munro

When did I truly fall in love with languages? I had been “dating” languages for a while—French, Latin, German—in my early teens. Then, the summer after my sophomore year in high school, I completely fell for languages after I took a full-blown linguistics class. The class filled me with solid information about the breadth of complexity in the world’s languages, but once we started learning field linguistics I discovered joy in diving in, asking questions, and figuring out the language from the inside, as if I were in the field among speakers of a language completely foreign to me. That…

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SOURCE: Our Daily Manner
By: Bishop Dr. Chris E. Kwakpovwe (CEK)

Proverbs 28:13: “He that covereth his sins shall not prosper, but who confesseth and forsaketh them shall have mercy.” To prosper, you must confess any known sin and forsake it! The theme of this year’s 2016 programme is: “Jehovah Ebenezer: Lord, wipe my tears.” He cannot wipe a Tear if the Tear generator- Sin is not uprooted! God’s capacity to forgive is greater than our capacity to sin! While our sins reaches far, God’s grace reaches farther! The season of no tears is the season of mercy! Till sin is bitter to you, Christ will not be sweet to you! Hear this: Sin is a stone which does not float; therefore it is a sinker and you must deal with it or it will deal with you: it will sink your destiny! Understand this: GRACE is not a licence to sin. It is a licence to conquer sin! It is POWER; NOT JUST PARDON! Isaiah 35:8 speaks about a HIGHWAY: “And an highway shall be there, and a way, and it shall be called, The way of holiness; the unclean shall not pass over it…” That highway of holiness will never bring you low! It is not low way! it is highway!
Close with my friend, John Piper: “What is sin? It is the glory of God not honored. The holiness of God not reverence. the greatness of God not admired. The power of God not praised. The truth of God not sought. the wisdom of God not esteemed. The beauty of God not treasured. the goodness of God not savored. The faithfulness of God not trusted. The commandments of God not obeyed. The justice of God not respected. The wrath of God not feared. The grace of God not cherished. The presence of God not prized. The person of God but loved. That is SIN!”


Have ever wondered why there is a serious decline in the productivity of this present generation? Well, you need not look further cos it all revolves round the laxity and normalcy we find in the comforts associated with technology. As there is increase in technology, so the decline in progressive productivity of the average youth cos technology has given us so much comfort that we often have the mediocre ideology of “why stress myself when there is a washing machine that can easily make all my dirty clothes clean?” and “why walk the short distance of about a mile when I can easily take a bus ride?” We often forget that a little exercise or stress can be beneficial to the output productivity of ones brain and that too much laxity can also be counter productive.
Lets take a downhill trip to the days of our forefathers, they took so much pride in what their hands could provide for their mouth, that it was seen as too much an insult to ones manhood for you to be above twenty-five without the responsibility of a wife and a capable source of livelihood. Even the likes of Unoka in chinua Achebes things fall apart had a responsibility, no matter how mute it was. But in recent times, in the bid to acquire the so called advanced education, the present youth pass their primes and still reside under the care and beneficial treatment of their parents. Its now a normalcy for one to be above thirty and still been sponsored by his/her parents under the tag that “their academic journey isn’t over yet”. On most cases, it is not only appalling and disheartened but also a grave cause of concern that such individuals do not feel the need to find any vocational skill. Rather they ideally waste their lives waiting for a university piece of paper ‘degree’ and when asked, they reply that ‘jamb hasn’t favored me or that am waiting for jamb to determine my next move’. Wait along bro as the train of life passes you by or you can get out of lazy ass and make lemonade out of the lemons life just served you! Technology makes this waiting seem like life isn’t passing by with the likes of television and all the assorted social networks. Don’t get me wrong, am not saying that degree acquisition is not necessary, “cos I have got one” or that technology isn’t beneficial to this millennium,’cos I love the social media😍 and I know we all love to stay in touch with both friends, foes and frenemies’ but I’m saying that it contributes its quota to making an average youth waste his time and life while there is a whole world out there waiting to be invested in. Am saying that we shouldn’t let technology literally suck the life out of us cos that is the boomerang when you spend two-third of your daily life online. And am also telling someone awaiting a university admission, that he or she should get off their ass and find a resourceful vocation while waiting, cos truthfully that’s what I did. I didn’t waste the one year I waited for jamb on the social media neither did i sleep it off, rather I got some skills which benefited me in the university. Trust me that’s how it works, the skills you acquire in life will always give you an edge over others in life.
Another trip to the days when technology wasn’t a deterrent to prosperity of the nation. In the days of great men like Zik of Africa, Ojukwu of Biafra, men thought like men and not babies, they thought like real men and not babies who are just been weaned from the sucking breasts of their mothers. Those days men thought more of what they could offer to the society and not what the society owed them. I can remember a close course mate during my uni days, she felt unfortunate to have had an uncle who wasn’t so ‘generous’. It was of utmost necessity that lamented of the woes melted by her benefactor towards her. As far she was concerned, the man wasn’t generous as he ought to, the so called uncle not only saw to she and her siblings academic welfare but was also contributing a minute quota to her parents life. But according to her, all the mans input were inconsequential as she not only saw the mans efforts as her inherent right but also based on her criteria, the uncle wasn’t living-up to expectations, “she had the mentality of what can I get and not what can I offer”. Now, I can’t say I know the genesis of their family, probably her father trained the uncle and now the uncle was expected to do the same. But the ideology behind her mentality not withstanding, its a wrong one. The mediocre mentality is embedded in expectancy. As someone who is from a long line of OYO-relations, I never thought it my right to receive any handouts, rather I endeavored to always show immerse gratitude on such rare occasions when I received an unexpected favour from anyone. Maybe had I come from such families where it was normal to expect and receive gifts, I would have had such I negative attitude towards gifting but am grateful for my OYO-relatives who living solely based on-your-own ideology, gave me the greatest gift, and that is the gift of appreciation. This gift-of-appreciation has strengthened my ideology about favours so much that I try hard not to find myself in situation where I expect anyone’s aid. Trust me, I know nobody is an island but basing your life on proving yourself and having the mentality of what-can-I-offer-others is way better than having the negative mentality of what-can-they-offer-me. The latter mentality is largely the menace affecting our society, we spend so much time thinking about the ways government and others have failed us, that we hardly recognize that we have failed ourselves and are continually doing so by not realizing and releasing our God given potentials.
To complicate issues, the social network which is one of the most dangerous technologies to this generation does not help matters, as it presents itself as an outlet where we can go and forget about our problems. But the real problem is that the problem is still there right after we log-out. As we login, the problem does not login with us, rather it sits in our subconscious mind waiting for us to log right out, the dice of the issue is that we have wasted an ample time which won’t be retrieved.
I believe that our generation need proper desensitization. A greater number of us don’t know that the more we stay logged on this SNS, the more of our lives and potentials we waste.
So, or else you are Linda Ikeji or aspiring to be one or the internet is some how generating something tangible for you than continual chatting, you should cut down the hours you stay logged in if you don’t want to wake up one morning and not only realize that you have made extra more money for Mark Zuckerberg than you can boost of in a lifetime but also that you don’t know the direction your life is taking.#beinspiredgetcreative #amara-nonyebeadspiration

just a tip

From dust we come, and from dust we all must depart to.

Never fear the known but fear the unknown for what fear lies in what we are expecting??

I believe in a supernatural being because I know that on my own I can do nothing, so I seek a higher rank, the all knowing God to take care of my worries.

The principle of life is very simple, always seek happiness within yourself for only the happiness from within is ascertained, but that from others is very much unreliable. And the second principle is to always leave all your worries to the all knowing God, who alone can solve lifes’ problem.

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